Medical mask

commonly light blue in color, consisting of two layers. Each layer is made from nonwoven absorbent fabric (one outer 175mm thick and another as an inner layer approximately 195mm thick). These masks are designed to protect against large respiratory droplets. They are effective for helping protect others around you but are Non-Surgical.Non-Surgical masks do not protect to the level of N95 Masks.

surgical mask

Fashion custom masks

made from melt blown cotton or flannel cloth, and available in a variety of colors. Fashion masks can include printed logos or messages, and can be combined with Medical Masks for limited protection of large respiratory droplets.


Our company grew originally from the need and desire to serve our neighbors and Communities. The founders of CareU responded to the need for personal protection from their neighborhood organizations and first responders within their Community during the onset of the pandemic we still face. Understanding the larger needs of personal protection CareU was created.


Our service is mask production, processing and sales, focusing on product sales.

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Manufacturing Plant:

302 Lindbergh Avenue, Livermore, CA94551

The second Manufacturing Plant is opening soon in Las Vegas, NV in 2021.